issues in lebanon

lebanon has been going through many issues such as shortages, fires, political and economic crisis, and more. below are things you can do to educate yourself about lebanon's crisis and bring more attention and help lebanon.


Just a couple days before the protests broke out, lebanon had experienced the worst wildfire in decades. the wildfires broke out in many areas and spread across lebanon with the help of extremely high temperatures and the wind. the article below goes into much more detail about the wildfires of lebanon in october of 2019.

the lebanese revolution of 2019

around october 17th of 2019, a revolution in the country of lebanon broke out due to the political crisis, economic crisis, shortages, and more. the citizens of lebanon and people around the world began protesting and demanding change from the lebanese government. protests started in lebanon and went across the world from france to spain to the united states and more. the citizens of lebanon were and are still experiencing lack of electricity and water, lack of sanitation, ineffective waste management, and a huge economic crisis. saad hariri, the prime minister of lebanon at the time, stated that he would raise taxes on gas, tobacco, and internet phone calls. since january of 2020, there has been a new prime minister, hassan diab. with diab as prime minister, lebanese citizens are still protesting about the issues in lebanon.

lebanon's debt and economic crisis

over the past few months, the lebanese lira has lost so much value. because of this, many lebanese citizens are in debt. there have been so many people losing their jobs. people that own businesses have had frozen businesses. food that may have started out as $2 could go for around $12 dollars now. the people of lebanon are so close to experiencing starvation.

the explosions in beirut, lebanon

an explosion first rocked the capital of lebanon which then followed another huge explosion at the port of beirut. thousands of people were injured and at least 80 people have died. cars were flipped over, debris is everywhere, the explosions shook buildings and caused windows to shatter in people's homes. the accurate cause is unknown as there are many guesses as to what may have happened. the link below is an article from the new york times that explains it much better than i do.

to be quite honest, petitions will not do anything to help lebanon's issues. Using your platform to speak about lebanon's issues will bring more awareness than signing the petitions.

the links below are where you can donate to help.
just a friendly reminder is to keep the currency conversions in mind because it could be much less (about 10%) in lebanon. i am not saying that you shouldn't donate, but this is something to keep in mind.

UPDATE I was informed that most donation sites may not work and that your best bet to donating to Lebanon is the Lebanese Red Cross and Lebanese Food Bank.


DUE to the two explosions in beirut and the port of beirut, many people that are injured need blood. here is a link where you can help.